Understanding & Conducting Qualitative Research

Audio / Visual Program Created and Narrated
By Dr. Rich Schuttler

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24-Lesson Program

11-Hours of Education and Training

This program was initially conceived to help doctoral students but evolved to offer many others the opportunity to better understand the many related aspects of qualitative research.

This Program is For:

  • Master and Doctoral Students who want to and need to learn more about qualitative research.
  • Doctoral Students who plan to, or are, proposing a qualitative doctoral dissertation.
  • Dissertation Chair and Committee Members who mentor qualitative research.
  • Faculty at all levels who need to learn more about qualitative research.
  • Corporate Researchers who need to build more expertise in qualitative research.
  • Those who want to become a more informed consumer of qualitative research.

In this unique, audio/visual program, Dr. Rich Schuttler, narrates over the many PowerPoint slides, a simple to understand review of the most important factors related to understanding and conducting qualitative research. Never has such a program or single book been provided with all this content included.

These detailed lessons will help you become a more informed consumer of qualitative research and guide you in simple ‘how to’ steps to prepare for and conduct qualitative research.

by Dr. Rich Schuttler
10 Things You Need to Know
About Qualitative Research

View Sample Lesson

LessonLesson Title SlidesTime
1Series Introduction Lesson5537:37
2What is Qualitative Research 3635:40
3Research Designs Overview 5238:02
4Research Design, Biographical Study 2216:14
5Research Design, Case Study 6651:18
6Research Design, Document Analysis 3822:44
7Research Design, Ethnography 3923:01
8Research Design, Grounded Theory 4038:40
9Research Design, Narrative Analysis 4432:32
10Research Design, Phenomenology 3826:49
11Research Design, Interview 2016:07
12Research Design, Modified Delphi Technique 2518:15
13Research Design, Generic Inquiry2223:07
14Aligning Research and Interview Questions 3834:34
15Why and How to Conduct an Expert Panel Review 2822:06
16Why and How to Conduct a Field Test for Interview Questions 2831:57
17Writing and Using an Interview Script 3726:30
18Data and Theoretical Saturation2624:53
20Member Checking 2619:30
21Art & Science of Interviewing 2433:20
2210 Things You Need to Know About Qualitative Research1728:09
Bonus LessonWriting Nature of the Study Section In A Proposal and Dissertation 6733:50
Totals:81311 Hrs

Enrollment is For Continuous Access 24-hours a Day For 1-year!
Watch The Lessons As Many Times As You Want!

In this one-of-a-kind program, Dr. Rich provides:

  • Teaching You the Content
  • Recommended Readings
  • Real Examples to Emulate
  • Stuff You Will Never Get in Classes
  • Knowledge Universities Cannot or Will Not Teach You
  • Specific Guidance to Actually Do Qualitative Research
  • How to Write a Dissertation Proposal & Dissertation Quicker
  • Tips & Strategies From over 20-years Dissertation Chair Expertise

Some Dr. Rich Schuttler Expertise Related to in this Program Originated From:

  • Him being a qualitative researcher and dissertation completion expert.
  • Having over 20-years as a dissertation chair at a variety of universities around the world, he brings his expertise to you in this unique program that you can access the 24-lessons as many times as you like 24-hours a day for 1-year.
  • His senior leadership unique perspectives from his years as a Dean, in the School of Advanced Studies, at the University of Phoenix where he instituted many process for dissertation development and reviews that included his role as final university approval authority for the dissertations during his tenure.
  • He also conducts corporate and grant funded research. He is the co-author of the Supervisor Leadership and Communication Inventory a Likert-type survey instrument designed to align with manuscript Laws of Communication that is used to assess organizational communication traits. Design work included beta testing, end-item analysis, pilot testing, validating, and reliability determination.

Special New Course Discounted Offer

$497.00 $300.00 (Limited Time)!

Dr. Rich is the founder and creator of the program Taking the B Out of ABD that has helped thousands of doctoral students from many universities to complete their concept papers, prospectus, proposals, and dissertations easier and quicker than they would have otherwise.

Dr. Rich is a Customer-Driven & Quality-Focused
Innovative and Engaging International
Public Speaker, Educator, and Author!

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