Basic Training for the Transitioning Military Veteran

Be Prepared For A Better Transition!

This narrative audio/visual program by Dr. Rich Schuttler (U.S. Navy Retired) and John Sanpietro (ICF – Certified Business Coach) takes veterans through well-developed lessons that can help to reduce the stress for veterans and their families related to being discharged from the military.

6-lesson training program (more than 7-hours) is designed to provide easy to understand educational assistance to aid military veterans in their transition out of the military service back into civilian communities.

Here's What You Get:

– Introduction Lesson
– Lesson #1: Understanding the Challenges (Personal & Professional)
– Lesson #2: Designing Your Ideal Transition
– Lesson #3: Assessing Your Skills
– Lesson #4: Networking
– Lesson #5: Job Hunting & Interviews
– Lesson #6: Job Offers & Salary/Package Negotiations


Designed to provide easy-to-understand educational assistance to aid military veterans in their transition out of the military service back into civilian communities.


Not just theory! Each of the six lessons includes a step-by-step Action Plan designed to make implementation as easy as possible!


This narrative audio/visual program can help reduce the stress for veterans and their families related to being discharged from the military.

The program offers insights from Dr. Rich’s own military transition as well as from others who have been interviewed who shared their own transition experiences. The content is rich in tools and examples to allow veterans to learn and apply immediately.

By completing this program, military veterans can expect to have a better understanding of how to take control, better lead, and more confidently manage through their transition in a manner that can reduces stress to them and their families.

Your Investment:
Just $19.97!

The "Basic Training" Lesson Plan:

Click on any of the Lessons below for more details about that part of the Veterans Transition Program!

Understanding the Challenges (Personally & Professionally)

In this Lesson, we'll:

  • Explore the challenges facing transitioning military veterans
  • Help you to recognize the signs to look for to determine whether or not you’re dealing with transition stress
  • Discuss coping mechanisms, good and bad, for addressing these difficulties
  • Offer some other suggestions for dealing with these challenges more effectively

Designing Your Ideal Transition

In this Lesson:

  • We'll discuss how to take control of your transition… rather than letting it take control of you
  • You'll get a checklist of personal and professional areas to consider
  • You'll also receive a roadmap that will make it easier to accomplish what you want to accomplish

Assessing Your Skills

In this Lesson:

  • We'll discuss the importance of recognizing the skills you have
  • We'll show you how to take an inventory of those skills
  • And we'll show you how to assess those skills based on your Ideal Transition

Networking for Success

In this Lesson:

  • We'll share several tips for putting together a great resume!
  • We'll also give you several strategies to hone your Networking Skills!

Job Hunting & Interviews

In this Lesson:

  • How To Make Your Job Hunting More Efficient and Effective
  • How To Ace Your Job Interviews

Job Offers & Salary/Package Negotiations

In this Lesson:

  • When and Why Job Offers Are Presented
  • What Job Offers Include
  • How To Negotiate For What You Want
  • When To Accept An Offer When To Walk Away

Meet Your Instructors

DR. RICH SCHUTTLER (U.S. Navy - Retired)

Dr. Rich is a Professor of Leadership and Business, as well as an International Public Speaker' public speaker. He has over 25-years of diversified, domestic and international management and leadership improvement expertise within academic, federal/state governments, non-profit, and Fortune 1,000 environments developing strategies and implementation methods.


John Sanpietro is a Certified Master Coach with the International Association of Coaches. For almost two decades, he has helped thousands men and women transition into new chapters of their lives.

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