Things That Change You – NOT For The Better!

Stuck in a rut or believe you’re destined for something better? Here are a few things that might be holding you back from having more than a dream that never comes true!

Stuck in a rut or believe you’re destined for something better? Here are a few things that might be holding you back from having more than a dream that never comes true!

Stupid TV Shows:

Historically, the lowest per capita income groups watch the most TV. This is not surprising as they tend to have less expendable income and thus TV is often their main source of entertainment. While some TV shows and movies are informative such as the History channel, don’t expect any value in sitcoms, especially those with set laugh tracks.

While some TV shows can be entertaining, many series shows are so ‘dark’ they will depress you. Watch Ray Donovan, Homeland, Billions, (or binge-watch the Sopranos) and let’s see how much value they bring to you, unless you want to increase your criminal skills. If you’re not learning from TV shows, turn it off and spend time with your family, friends, or pets. Better yet, get focused on improving your life instead of watching 20-year old reruns that you’ve seen many times.

TV shows, in general, are belittling and designed to keep you stupid or satisfied with your stuck in a rut life. Rarely are you going to find inspiration or develop increased self-motivation from watching TV. Sure, get your local news as you need it or watch a good movie, but if you think you’ll gain anything from CNN or Fox News, other than a case of frustration with the fake and one-sided commentary, your sadly mistaken. Turn the TV off and turn on your life!

Go No Where Friends:

How long are you going to hang with friends who are the same today as they were 5, 10, 15, or more years ago? Forever, if you have no ambitions and want to be the same person your entire life! Spending all your time with the same people, means you basically stay the same. I have life-long friends I love dearly, but I also have professional friends, social friends, and yet others who challenge me. And, I seek out new friends as well. Like Rocky Balboa said, “You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo's, you get yo-yo friends. You see, simple mathematics.”

Group of friends bored

There’s a common saying ‘you average the income of the five people you hang around with the most’ (not included family or at work). When I figured this out, I realized I need to expand my circle of friends and even find some new circles to join without my other friends. If you want more success than you have now, you’ll need to be around others who are already doing what you want to do. There is plenty of room on the road to success, it’s the road to mediocrity where you’ll find the traffic jam!

If you have big goals and need to expand your mind, don’t expect it to happen unless you put yourself in places where people are already doing what you want to do and with those who will help you think differently. Enroll in college or university classes, take different workshops, go to professional association meetings, or join Toastmasters and develop skills you know you need to develop to a greater extent. Get off the couch and develop better friendships!

Being Busy Instead of Being Productive:

It’s amazing how successful people have so much extra time, yet others lose sleep because they cannot manage their time well. Are you more busy than productive? If so, perhaps you need to develop a better vision and mission for yourself. Then create aligned measurable goals that can be broken down to weekly, monthly, annual steps of progress. Small steps of progress add up over time – incremental gains!

Early in my life, I learned how to live a goal-orientated life. I had goals in the Navy for my promotion plan, my retirement goals, my financial goals, and even goals for my health. Goals keep me focused. When something comes my way, I determine “will it take me closer to my goals?” If not, I don’t do it! It’s simple, I stay focused on what’s important to me; not what others want me to do. And, I treat my goals as a living document and update them as needed; they are always current!

Over the years, many told me or posted on my social media “You're lucky to live on the ocean, drive a cool car, and travel the world.” There is no luck involved, I planned my life, I managed my work and time, and I am living the dream – my dream. I took the time upfront, created the path to success, then worked my ass off – focused on what I wanted!

I created my own $uccess $corecard Tracking System. I used it for years, perfected it, and simplified it for easy use by others so they can achieve their own goals, their way. I have made available to my corporate clients and those who enroll in my executive mentoring program. If you want to achieve phenomenal success also – check it out!

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