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Being a life-long learner is a goal worthy of focus. Travel, education, and people provide the prescription for an even richer and healthier life.
Being a life-long learner is a goal worthy of focus. Travel, education, and people provide the prescription for an even richer and healthier life.



Traveling away from where you grew up can be enlightening as you meet different people who live differently than you do yet have many of the same things in common as you. I have been traveling for over 40-years and I have found regardless of geographic location or cultural background, most people simply want to provide for their families in a safe environment. But how people do that is what is different and can be enlightening. While everyone eats and drinks to survive, what and how they do that varies by culture. It’s a fun and crazy world out there!

Traveling has brought me a greater appreciation for my own country, culture, and personal well-being as well as a greater appreciation for that of others. I can better understand the differences as I have been there, talked and ate with others, and found how others live and why they have their own life philosophies and practices. Having traveled, I have greater empathy, respect, and understanding of others. Learning how they live their lives has made me a better person!


Education is something no one can ever take away from you. Whether that be formal or informal education. Education opens the mind and allows for one to think about things that one might not learn otherwise. Formal education is important to make one a better citizen and perhaps qualify one in a certain career field. Education tends to move one from basic understanding of information, to application of that information, to learning how to make processes and people better.

Informal education can come in many ways such as reading, attending seminars, or being involved in great conversations with others. Reading, whether fiction or non-fiction, allows the mind to expand and become curious about what is being read. Seminars tend to bring one together with others of similar interest seeking related training. And, being involved in great conversations with friends, peers, or with family members is also a great source of becoming more educated and aware of yourself.

Taveling Changes You


While certainly related to both travel and education, other people can change you for the better. I know for myself, when in a great relationship, I am a better man as I am more focused and have someone to share insights with, get a different point of view, and realize that my own way is not the only way of doing or thinking about something. People can expand your mind, increase your curiosity, and be a great enhancement to your life if you are open and honest with them. Once you learn more about their life philosophies, the more you will understand their behaviors that provide for their actions. You can certainly emulate those you have an appreciation for while not adapting the behaviors of those you do not appreciate.

I have been alone, and I have been in great relationships. While I am fine alone, I have always been happier when with others who were meaningful to me. I believe we are meant to be with others; not alone. It is the people in our lives that make our lives worth living. When you are in a relationship of trust and respect, whether at home or work, your own life will have more meaning. It just works that way!

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