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When you master the basic proven steps to make a successful sale… there’s no stopping you from reaching your goals.

Think about it. No matter what direction you want to take in life… to become successful, you always have to show that you, or your products or services, have value for others.

Program Features Include:

– 10 Lesson Program to Watch Over & Over!

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– Successful Tips & Strategies

– Interview Will Million Dollar Sales Leader

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Now, I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think. Trying to selling your products or services can be difficult and frustrating sometimes… but only when you don’t know exactly what steps to take to make selling easy!

I'm Dr. Rich Schuttler and in my many 30+ years of teaching people how to be achieve their full potential by reaching the next level of success, I started to get frustrated by the number of people I saw having difficulties in seeing a sale through to completion!

Great talent, superior products, and outstanding services mean little if no knows about them!

That’s why I collaborated with other sales experts to create the this Personal Selling: Your Secret Weapon

Whether you’re a network or direct marketer, a small business owner, sales person, or just starting your career…

…these 10 lessons will help you!

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What you'll learn:

  1. Personal Selling: Your Secret Weapon
  2.  Prospecting
  3.  Qualifying
  4.  Approaching
  5.  Presenting
  6.  Closing
  7.  Following Up
  8.  Learning from Leaders
  9.  Benchmarking 
  10.  Checking Your Understanding

Watch over and over to “give you an edge” and tools to breakthrough your selling obstacles! Order now, print the 33-page color workbook, and get started! You’ll have access to the 10-audio/visual lessons online for 12-months. No CD/DVD will be mailed; everything is accessed online.

Stop wasting time and energy on failed sales techniques and improve the techniques you use now!

Go at your own pace!
Watch and read each lesson over-and-over until you've become a SELLING MASTER! 

"This program helped me to really understand the expectations of the various chapters and helped me gain clarity on items I was repeatedly not making progress in completing."

Access sample page From my 33-page Full-color workbook:

Your Investment:
Just $19.97!

Now you have access to everything you need to know to makes sale after sale after sale!

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