Don’t Be Jealous of Others!

When seeing others sharing their successes it can be easy to become envious of them. Learn how you can take a different approach to address these feelings and learn to celebrate and join in with others instead.

I often hear and read about how some are jealous of what another has, where they go, or what they achieved. Why be jealous? No need to envy others; instead congratulate them on what you admire and be happy for them. Being jealous says more about you than about the accomplishments of others.

Ask for Help Instead

Can you truly be your own best friend and see yourself in a way that is not compared to others if you are jealous? Being jealous is an internal, negative, self-talk allowing yourself to feel less than who and what you are. If you want what others have, then go get it yourself! Follow their example or ask them how they accomplished what you admire. If you are serious, then ask for their help. Maybe they can give you some tips and strategies to get it yourself.

Dr. Rich Schuttler - Don't be jealous of Oothers

Everything Is Not What It Seems

You might just find what you are jealous of, is not exactly what you see. For example, when I traveled over 100,000 miles for 10 years, for my consulting and training work, many would tell me or post in social media how jealous they were of me. But, when the found out about the grind of dealing with many different airports, different hotels, lousy food, and sleep, as well as living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time, many soon realized it’s not as glamour as it appeared. For everything and everyone, there are both advantages and disadvantages.


If you find yourself feeling envious or jealous of others, stop that line of thinking as soon as you notice it starting. Instead, congratulate them on their success. Do not internalize jealousy or envy! Tell them what you admire and if you truly want what they have then learn more, ask them for more information and perhaps even help.

Remember there is are no traffic jams on the road to success. There’s plenty of room at the top; it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded! I’ll see you at the top!

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Dr. Rich Schuttler

Dr. Rich Schuttler

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