Chance Favors the Prepared – Train Your Replacement

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For better or worse you should never allow the belief that you are the only one who can get the job done. Learn how to prepare yourself and those around you to replace you before disaster strikes.

Training one’s replacement is something too many are afraid to do. If you believe you’re the only one who can do your job, get over yourself! Sooner or later you’ll want to go on vacation, get sick, want a promotion, quit, or die. Don’t let those who work with you suffer for your arrogance.

Reasons for Training Replacements

Some do not want to share all they know falsely believing they will be replaced if someone else knows as much as them. If that’s you, you should be replaced! Share all you know with others and groom someone to take over for you at any time. Too many employees get passed over for another great job because there is no one to immediately replace them. Imagine, losing an opportunity to get a great promotion because you didn’t train someone else to do your job as good as you can do it. Insane right?!

Building A Strong Team Is Vital

Get a good grip on reality! Build a strong team. Have at least one subordinate who can quickly replace you with minimum, if any, other training. This makes it easier for you to be promoted and allows you to take on extra work as you know you can be away from your job as it will be taken care of. You can also go on vacation having fun; not worrying about what will happen when you’re away.

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