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A Positive Way to Address Negative Behavior

When addressing negative conflict, address the behavior that is noticed; do not address what you believe to be a personal flaw in the person. For example if a person is late, don’t accuse them of being lazy or not being able to set their clock and get to work on time. A great way to do this is with the “I Message.” It goes like this

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Create Workplace Happiness

Happiness in the workplace doesn’t just happen. It’s something that must be developed and nurtured. If you want to create a happy atmosphere among employees, provide opportunities to build or improve the organizational culture for greater levels of trust and respect. You must both; if only one or the other, don’t expect much. Putting employees together in small teams to solve problems or improve processes

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Attracting Highly Qualified Employees

Civilian business and organizational leaders are looking for the best talent they can find, but they are also looking for those they hire to have an even better attitude. This is typically easier said than done; however, there are numerous strategies employers use to ensure they are attracting the best and brightest prospects to join their team. Getting the Right Benefits Package In addition to

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