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Who Will Do It?

During the last week of April, I was teaching a Leadership and Organizational Behavior course as an International Visiting Professor in Ansbach, Germany where I teach this same class each year (this was my 8th year). My students shared an old short story in a team assignment. Does this sound like some of your employees or co-workers? This is a story about four people named

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Everyday Leader Heroes

Stepping Up to the Plate

One does not have to have a formal title to take action in order to lead. In most instances, our everyday leader heroes are just doing the work that needs to be done in a manner that subsequently brings great credit upon them.

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Learn from Your Mistakes

Successful leaders are rarely perfect people. In fact, most are flawed – just as we all are – and who at one time or another made mistakes. The difference is that these leaders found a way to overcome their mistakes. They did not get involved in a self-created pity party; they learned from their mistakes and had the ability to ‘climb above’ them. More importantly,

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Supply Chain Management and the CEO: Agility at the Foundation

An organization’s ability to adapt to the competitive market is often referred to as its agility, suggesting that flux is the norm and that consistent maneuvering is required to succeed. To address this flux, a CEO must ensure that the supply chain is fluid, with diverse, creative processes and procedures in place to account for the sheer possibility that exists in contemporary business. In this way, the

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Employees are the Most Important Part of the System

Often it is the ‘unseen’ aspects of employees, as well as the intangible outcomes of people working together, that cause leaders the most problems in optimizing a workforce. I believe in systems theory and in the management process to make and/or deliver a product or service. And, as part of those systems and processes, employees will either make the processes work well or they will

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Experienced Hackers Can Access Your Webcam in Less 1 Minute!

Research from our Research Center, for a client provides that, 82 percent of laptop users expressed concern about the possibility of their webcams being ‘hijacked,’ according to a soon-to-be released study. Representing the latest trend in cybercrime, webcams provide an easy way for individuals and organizations to spy on users. Last fall, a Rutgers student committed suicide after a webcam secretly videotaped him kissing another

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