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A Positive Way to Address Negative Behavior

When addressing negative conflict, address the behavior that is noticed; do not address what you believe to be a personal flaw in the person. For example if a person is late, don’t accuse them of being lazy or not being able to set their clock and get to work on time. A great way to do this is with the “I Message.” It goes like this

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Create Workplace Happiness

Happiness in the workplace doesn’t just happen. It’s something that must be developed and nurtured. If you want to create a happy atmosphere among employees, provide opportunities to build or improve the organizational culture for greater levels of trust and respect. You must both; if only one or the other, don’t expect much. Putting employees together in small teams to solve problems or improve processes

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The Right Way to Ask for a Promotion

For the employee who is seeking a promotion, the best thing he or she can do is be prepared with reasons why the promotion is warranted and how the organization will benefit from the change. The employee should ask their supervisor for a time to speak privately for 30 minutes to discuss a promotion request.   At the meeting, the employee should be prepared to

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Great Leaders Take Notice of Others

  Everyone has an invisible sign on their back. It says, “Notice me!” To be a better leader, it is important to positively influence employees by creating a culture of both trust and respect. If you don’t notice the hard work people do or help them when they need assistance, then the best part of being a leader – communication – is lost! A word of

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Who Will Do It?

During the last week of April, I was teaching a Leadership and Organizational Behavior course as an International Visiting Professor in Ansbach, Germany where I teach this same class each year (this was my 8th year). My students shared an old short story in a team assignment. Does this sound like some of your employees or co-workers? This is a story about four people named

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Everyday Leader Heroes

Stepping Up to the Plate

One does not have to have a formal title to take action in order to lead. In most instances, our everyday leader heroes are just doing the work that needs to be done in a manner that subsequently brings great credit upon them.

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Walk Your Talk

Everyone is busy these days. But are some leaders so busy that they cannot occasionally dialogue, appreciate, and socialize with their subordinates? The best leaders are those who develop proper relationships with their colleagues and employees, and the best organizations have visible, approachable leaders. This does not mean daily appointments, or time set aside every Tuesday afternoon; but rather, visibility involves an honest effort by

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