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Employees are the Most Important Part of the System

Often it is the ‘unseen’ aspects of employees, as well as the intangible outcomes of people working together, that cause leaders the most problems in optimizing a workforce. I believe in systems theory and in the management process to make and/or deliver a product or service. And, as part of those systems and processes, employees will either make the processes work well or they will

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Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

Life-long learners are those who have a purposeful plan to continually evolve in their personal and professional development. Those leaders who enjoy a lifetime of success have a sharp focus on training for what is needed in regard to day-to-day skills enhancement, but also to attain education in order to prepare for the complex problems of tomorrow. Unfortunately, many would-be great leaders have chosen to

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Great TED Talk

Measuring what makes life worthwhile – Chip Conley. A short TED talk video with power and great leadership in sights.  What’s your take-away from listening to Chip?

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