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7 “Must Do” Steps to Keep Your Business Safe

    More small business owners do more damage to their businesses than the competition or environment will ever do to them. If you want to avoid this issue in your business, follow these 7 “Must Do” steps: Plan Daily Priorities Failing to plan priorities for the day means you won’t get everything done that needs to be done. Too many people mistakenly believe they

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Who Will Do It?

During the last week of April, I was teaching a Leadership and Organizational Behavior course as an International Visiting Professor in Ansbach, Germany where I teach this same class each year (this was my 8th year). My students shared an old short story in a team assignment. Does this sound like some of your employees or co-workers? This is a story about four people named

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Everyday Leader Heroes

Stepping Up to the Plate

One does not have to have a formal title to take action in order to lead. In most instances, our everyday leader heroes are just doing the work that needs to be done in a manner that subsequently brings great credit upon them.

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Measure Employee Performance

The vast majority of your employees want to improve their lives and achieve their own personal goals within your company. Because their motivation goes hand in hand with accountability, leaders should set up a regular performance review system. While some companies do annual or bi-annual reviews, quarterly reviews are effective and can help you spot trouble areas before they spiral out of control.

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See Opportunities, Not Problems

Leader heroes have a common view of how they see what is in front of them as compared to how others see the same things. Leader heroes solve the obvious problems others seem to ignore; yet they do so by seeing those obvious problems as unique opportunities. Leader heroes look at what has happened, and the results of what happened, and then change the future by

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Supply Chain Management and the CEO: Agility at the Foundation

An organization’s ability to adapt to the competitive market is often referred to as its agility, suggesting that flux is the norm and that consistent maneuvering is required to succeed. To address this flux, a CEO must ensure that the supply chain is fluid, with diverse, creative processes and procedures in place to account for the sheer possibility that exists in contemporary business. In this way, the

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Effective Communication = Trust and Respect

In my years of consulting, most of the issues I have been hired to help with included improving processes that were not efficient or effective. Yet, more often than not, the root cause of these problems was grounded in the lack of both trust and respect between employees at all levels. If employees do not trust and respect one another, don’t expect them to communicate

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