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Communication is a Learned Trait

Like any skill, practicing effective relationship building and communication skills will lead to great levels of success and increase confidence. Learn more about how to put this skill into great use.

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What’s Your Problem?!

Subtle conflict can be nebulous and hard to define, but it erodes stability just as regular, in-your-face conflict does. This type of conflict can be expressed through negativity (either your own or an employee’s), or in negative situations that bring you down. If you observe colleagues in what appears to be a ‘pity party’ trying to bring everyone around them down – don’t participate. Rather,

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Who Are You Listening To?

There is no shortage of people telling others what to do – the bad thing is that too many of those who give advice with good intentions have no clue what they are talking about. How many of those people do you know? Or, are you one of them? Here are two real examples (I don’t have to make these up!): 1). Professional A has 50+ years life-experience. He’s

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100% Customer Satisfaction!

The ‘basics’ are what many lose focus of.  A long-time friend and I had a discussion last night and he asked me for recommendations on how to increase new sales, earn repeat business, and how to increase new sales via referrals. I shared with him, as I do with clients or when I speak in public, that “unless you take on the mentality, believe in, and get

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Time Management Tip: Learn to Just Say “No”

Look at your daily schedule. How many tasks are things that you have decided you want to do? How many are things that others have asked you to do and you couldn’t refuse? Our time can quickly be eaten up with projects that don’t really belong to us. The next time someone else asks you to take on a task, don’t automatically say “Yes.” Instead,

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