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Create Workplace Happiness

Happiness in the workplace doesn’t just happen. It’s something that must be developed and nurtured. If you want to create a happy atmosphere among employees, provide opportunities to build or improve the organizational culture for greater levels of trust and respect. You must both; if only one or the other, don’t expect much. Putting employees together in small teams to solve problems or improve processes

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Attracting Highly Qualified Employees

Civilian business and organizational leaders are looking for the best talent they can find, but they are also looking for those they hire to have an even better attitude. This is typically easier said than done; however, there are numerous strategies employers use to ensure they are attracting the best and brightest prospects to join their team. Getting the Right Benefits Package In addition to

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The Right Way to Ask for a Promotion

For the employee who is seeking a promotion, the best thing he or she can do is be prepared with reasons why the promotion is warranted and how the organization will benefit from the change. The employee should ask their supervisor for a time to speak privately for 30 minutes to discuss a promotion request.   At the meeting, the employee should be prepared to

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Insight to See Character Development

  Of all the characteristics you will read about in Everyday Leader Heroes, perhaps the most common is that everyday leader heroes have a unique insight to see and help develop character in others. Perhaps since they have been through a number of life’s challenges and have learned from the “school of hard-knocks,” they have self-reflected, self-assessed, and self-corrected a number of times, learning more

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Hiring the Right Person for the Job

  Leaders who have the responsibility of hiring new employees want to hire the perfect person for the job, but few of them put enough time and thought into identifying and ensuring that a new hire is a ‘good fit’ for the organization. If it turns out that a new employee is having difficulty, there is often a slow process of either trying to improve

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GLIDE Up the Corporate Ladder

  Many young supervisors in the workplace do not know what it takes to get promoted. It’s not their fault; they are learning how to CLIMB up the corporate ladder. I coach those on the fast-track to help them learn better how to GLIDE up the corporate ladder.  I also do training with organizational executives on how to establish a means to identify intrepreneurs and how to groom those ‘fast-trackers’ for succession planning. Here is 1

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Develop a New Success Habit: Thank 10 People Every Day…and Mean It!

              Have you ever noticed how often we need assistance? Every day, people serve us at restaurants, salons, and shopping centers. They meet our needs at schools, offices, and hospitals. Occasionally we need police and/or rescue personnel. How often do you take the time to look these people in the eye and let them know you truly appreciate what

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