Are You Needed in The Workplace? Maybe; Maybe Not!

To get hired or promoted, you must know what value you will bring and not be shy about sharing such information.

As they say, the job market is a booming! And, in this booming job market, you might want to be hired or promoted! But, do they want you? To get hired or promoted, you must know what value you will bring and not be shy about sharing such information. Merely meeting the minimum requirements is unlikely to get you that position when competition is keen.

Display Your Value

What's your value proposition? You need to be able to tell others, with confidence and with some proven history, of how you will help the organization increase revenue or reduce expenses. If you cannot do either, you're not needed! For senior leaders and managers, you must contribute to improving the Profit & Loss statements. You may be great with people but if that does not translate to improved organizational success, you're not needed.

How will you increase revenue? Perhaps by increased sales or improving repeat sales, maybe by creating better customer referral programs, or bringing innovative and creative ways to move more products or services to wider audiences. You need to generate more revenue in the short and long-term, or you're not needed.


How will you decrease expenses? Perhaps by making people and processes more efficient and effective, maybe by reducing inventory costs, or bringing innovative ideas to managing a supply chain. You need to save the organization money and other resources, or you're not needed.


Finding a new job or getting promoted is not as difficult to do if you know how to position your resume and how to communicate your value proposition. Too many well-qualified candidates do not get hired or promoted due to their own inability to effectively communicate what a better future will be like when they're hired or promoted. It's simple, if you cannot make a positive difference, you're not needed!

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