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Who is Dr. Rich?

Dr. Rich is a mentor for executives, faculty, and students around the world in a variety of professional leadership and management settings. 

He is a customer driven, quality focused, innovative and engaging international public speaker, educator, business consultant, mentor and author with over 20 years of expertise.

Early Career

Dr. Rich, originally from Chicago, Illinois, began his career in the U. S. Navy where over the course of 23 years he went from the lowest enlisted ranking to commissioning officer to a career in the Advanced Electronics Field of cryptology serving national security objectives. While in the Navy, Dr. Rich earned his degrees and a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences by going to school one course at a time for 15 years.

After honorably retiring from the Navy, Dr. Rich began a career as a part-time faculty member and program chair. He was appointed to Associate Dean and within three years, a Dean at the University of Phoenix in the School of Advanced Sciences. Dr. Rich credits “incremental gains”- climbing the ladder of success one step at a time for his professional and personal achievements.

Organization Troubleshooter, LLC

After a successful run in a senior management position at the University of Phoenix, Dr. Rich decided he wanted to add entrepreneur to his extensive resume. He started Organizational Troubleshooter, LLC. with the focus on helping people and organizations achieve their full potential.

Dr. Rich’s incremental gains philosophy is now instilled in his Executive Mentoring Model and combined with his $uccess $corecard Tracking System, provide the vehicle for him and his clients to establish goals, set objectives, initiatives, and benchmarks for goal attainment.

His organizational skills have been sought out by well-known clients like Delta Airlines, the NCAA, small and medium sized business owners seeking to gain a competitive advantage.

Online courses

My great online courses are self-directed so you can start and finish on your time.


Through our workshops you will have an opportunity to learn from others going through the process.


I offer 1-on-1 consultations to help you gain perspective on where you are and what your next steps should be.

A unique, purposeful and intentional relationship is established with Dr. Rich to assess, prescribe and assist you in achieving your goals. Self-sustaining processes and continuous improvements are also designed into his approach.

Continuous Performance Improvement Model

Several of the most requested services for educational consulting have been with: Management and leadership for schools that have been designated as Failing to Meet Academic Standards. College and University Programmatic Alignment, Curriculum Design, and Development. Baldrige in Education Assessments and Alignment. Academic Quality Improvement Programs. Organizational Troubleshooting -Senior Leadership Mentoring. Learning Assessment Tools (rubrics and testing). 

Through a prescription of quality services at an affordable investment,
Dr. Rich’s mission is to mentor you and your organization
to realize and achieve your full potential.

The process of organizational and personal improvement can often be daunting. Within any change initiative, one must first address the opportunities for improvement within their organization and self. Identifying these opportunities can cause apprehension and manifest negative behaviors, such as denial, apathy and even emotional paralysis.

To dispel this lack of balance and to gain the requisite knowledge for positive and effective change, leaders and organizations often require a mentoring relationship with another. This external, objective perspective helps guide both accept the difficult information gleaned in self-analysis and use that information to achieve levels of success beyond their greatest expectations.

Dr. Rich is a troubleshooter. His practical experience in a variety of profit, non-profit, public, private and governmental agencies, coupled with his theoretical insight, allows for a unique background to facilitate your personal or organizational needs — to not only identify problems but to also identify a future end state leading to higher levels of measurable success.

Work with Dr. Rich

Whether you need a versatile speaker to engage your employees to help them think differently or to get more productivity out of your workforce, contact Dr. Rich today! All his work is interactive, engaging, and directed to benefit you. Take what he speaks and trains about back to your workplace the next day. He is results driven in his prescription for success; which is ultimately your success – getting into the top 2%!

Email: contacts@company.com
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 14:00

Dr. Rich is now applying his incremental gains philosophy to be known for the Business Acumen of Brian Tracy Inspirational Speaking of Bill Walsh & Conviction of Les Brown

The Professional Progress Academy was founded by Dr. Rich Schuttler and John Sanpietro.

Our mission is to make high quality personal and professional improvement training and educational programs available to our members.


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