Basic Training for the Transitioning Military Veteran

This narrative audio/visual program by Dr. Rich Schuttler (U.S. Navy Retired) and John Sanpietro (ICF – Certified Business Coach) takes veterans through well-developed lessons that can help to reduce the stress for veterans and their families related to being discharged from the military.

This 6-lesson training program (more than 7-hours) is designed to provide easy to understand educational assistance to aid military veterans in their transition out of the military service back into civilian communities.

  • Introduction Lesson
  • Lesson #1: Understanding the Challenges (Personal & Professional)
  • Lesson #2: Designing Your Ideal Transition
  • Lesson #3: Assessing Your Skills
  • Lesson #4: Networking
  • Lesson #5: Job Hunting & Interviews
  • Lesson #6: Job Offers & Salary/Package Negotiations

The program offers insights from Dr. Rich’s own military transition as well as from others who have been interviewed who shared their own transition experiences. The content is rich in tools and examples to allow veterans to learn and apply immediately.

By completing this program, military veterans can expect to have a better understanding of how to take control, better lead, and more confidently manage through their transition in a manner that can reduces stress to them and their families.



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