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If you’re struggling to make progress on your dissertation concept paper, prospectus, or proposal – and you need help to finally break out of the “All But Dissertation” trap – my 60-Day Mentoring Program was designed just for you!

Let me help you! For 60 days, I will work with you one-on-one to get you “over the hurdles” that are holding you back right now. This is a personalized service not group work or generic lessons.

After my 5-year position as Dean of the University of Phoenix, and 15-years of dissertation mentoring, I’m well-qualified to recognize exactly what’s holding you back from making progress. I also do research as part of my consulting work and teach doctoral level proposal development and research courses!

What I Learned from Reviewing
 THOUSANDS of Dissertations

I have been in unique positions to get a “birds-eye view” of the current challenges most students are dealing with when struggling to complete their dissertation on time.

I’ve literally seen, thousands of proposals and dissertations from universities around the world – giving me the ability to help you with “pinpoint” accuracy. I know what works and perhaps more importantly what does not work!

In fact, in 2011, I received an award as Faculty of the Year for Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring. And, many of my mentees have won awards for their dissertations. One of my mentees even had the #1 most downloaded dissertation in ProQuest Dissertations one year – how cool is that?!

Hear Directly From My Students

"Thank you Dr. Schuttler for your expertise and guidance during my dissertation writing experience. After five quarters of hard work, your down-to-earth insight helped me narrow my focus, communicate my ideas, and align my thoughts into a document that I can submit to my committee for approval. Thank you for your effort and timely responses. It was great working with you."

When we work together, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands the entire time.

I don’t replace your dissertation chair, but augment the work you’re already doing. I do this and other research work full time, your dissertation chair might only do it part-time. I add the “extra” help that gets you across the goal line quicker and with far less stress. I will work with you one section or heading at a time with quick turnaround times applying my incremental gains philosophy.

My 60-Day Mentoring Program provides three essential services

  1. Priority Reviewing of your work – always within 72 hours, but often within 48 hours
  2. Clearly defined expectations and guidance to meet and exceed
  3. Telephone/Skype calls every 10-days or as needed

Invest Today for only $650

(we also have a payment plan!)


And, you get VIP status with me for deep discounts on any other related products or services I provide!

With me, you’ll learn how to be a better academic writer. In fact, the #1 “glowing testimonial” I receive is that my clients write so much better, and with far less effort. This skill alone will serve you well for the rest of your life.

We Start Where YOU Are

I custom-tailor your mentoring to what you need – rather than a “cookie-cutter” approach. We’ll begin where you are within your concept paper, prospectus, or chapter 1, 2, or 3.

My goal is to help you take “shortcuts” to success while you learn even more – so you can make the most progress possible in our time together.

Another Satisfied Student

"Thanks for your candor, Dr. Rich, which is what I really love about you. It’s a great point that I may not need the 60 days if my chair can get me through, but I do not think my dissertation chair is really in a position to get me through the rest of this. It’s been only with your assistance that I’ve made it thus far after years with him. The two sessions that I had with you produced exponentially greater results then the 4 + years I’ve spent with him. So I’m thinking it will just be better to work with you. You are more responsive and have a specialized understanding of what it takes to get me to “taking the B out of ABD” 😉 I think the 60 days with you will get me through faster and my dissertation approved again on the first time just like my proposal"
Tracey, M.

Invest Today for only $650

(we also have a payment plan!)


No Risk to You

While I can’t “guarantee” your results – because it’s all up to you, but frankly I can tell you that no one has ever been dissatisfied. That’s because my approach focuses on ‘incremental gains’ meaning I mentor you through one heading at a time, one chapter at a time. You make regular progress each week and that builds momentum!

You will learn what content needs to be in each heading, along with the rationale for including the content. You will know the expectations and not only meet but exceed them- EASILY!

Saving You the World’s Most Important Element: 

Working Desk

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With my approach, you’ll create quality work from the outset – the very first time – and have little need to go back and revise or rewrite.

My secret?

I take everyday applications used by successful people and distill them down to easy-to-understand pieces of information that can be applied immediately.

Concepts from years of research and a wide variety of personal and professional experiences provide the foundation for my sound and systematic approach.

Bottom line: This is the ideal way for anyone wanting develop their doctoral research study in a timely manner. Get an award winning expert on your team!

Limited Availability, But FAST Response

To give personalized service and the utmost attention, I only work with a small number of clients at any given time.

That’s why my program is characterized by a much more personalized and timely service. For instance, you might see feedback from me within 24 hours. Many do!

In fact, if you can make multiple revisions each week, I’ll review them as they arrive and get right back to you! You can make as much progress in these 60-days as you can manage!

This way, you definitely make progress as you journey toward the pinnacle of your career!

More from my students

Don’t delay. Get past the struggles, obstacles, and hurdles that are standing between you and your doctoral degree.

Invest Today – only $650

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60-Day Mentoring Policies & Procedures*

Below you'll find our response to the frequently asked questions regarding the Proposal Power-Up Weekend Workshop policies and procedures.

If you’re struggling to make progress on your dissertation concept paper, prospectus, or proposal – and you need help to finally break out of the “All But Dissertation” trap – my 60-Day Mentoring Program was designed just for you!

Failure to make regular progress and/or not submit work for reviews is not a valid reason to reschedule or extend the end of the 60-day contract.

If you still have questions please feel free to reach out to Dr. Rich here via email.

If you elect a payment plan, full payment is due at least 7-days before the start of the event unless otherwise agreed to by both parties. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Dr. Rich via email here.

Due to administrative costs, coordination of scheduling activities, materials, and other expenses incurred, enrollment fees are non-refundable within 3 days of the scheduled start date or after the start date. All refund requests made before 3 days of scheduled start date must be done via email here.

A 15% processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. All refunds will be made by check and mailed within 30 days of date of cancellation.

* The Above Policies and Procedures are subject to change without prior notice.

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