Dr.Rich delivers an impressive amount of clear-headed thinking and business experience in a very compressed timeframe! It’s exciting to be motivated and find solutions for the obstacles which confront every business plan! Dr.Rich’s trainings are TREMENDOUS! His website is pretty amazing too!
Julie Muller, Chicks Connect



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Hearing Dr.Rich speak onstage is a mind-blowing eye-opening experience that reconnects you with YOUR PASSION to succeed and excel in Life! The WEALTH of knowledge he gives you will stabilize you in this turbulent economy so you don’t lose momentum. You can finally reach the TOP TWO-PERCENT of business achievers by using the BUSINESS TOOLS he has created like the “$uccess $corecard” and his book, “Laws of Communication”. Dr.Rich’s website is packed with excerpts from his speaking engagements, chapters and graphs and illustrations from his books, and even a FREE self-evaluation test to find out where your communication strengths and deficits are!
Nate Bloom, NateBloom.com



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I was impressed with how clear-thinking Dr.Rich’s ideas are, and how well he communicates them as a stage/platform speaker! His website is filled with helpful articles and details the wide range of services he can provide to help you get ahead!
Tim Taylor, Entrepreneur



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Dr. RICH… Oh it’s RICH in his name, and he is going to bring that wealth out of you, by helping you learn how to use your voice to communicate more effectively. He’s the MAN!
Les Brown, LesBrown.com



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