Taking the B Out of ABD


Proposal & Dissertation Help!

Dr. Rich’s 52-Week Incremental Gains Proposal and Dissertation Development Program BEST VALUE

  • Comprehensive and value-added guided weekly program specifically designed with 52-lessons that span 12-months.

Taking the B Out of ABD – Complete Package (Chaps 1 – 5)

  • The Complete Package includes all the Video presentations and their accompanying PowerPoint Presentations to walk you through each step of your dissertation.

Proposal Power-Up Weekend Workshop

  • 2-day face-to-face intensive workshop of focused learning with Dr. Rich Schuttler, an international dissertation chair with over 15-years experience in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research studies. This is one packed weekend designed to give you maximum results. It is explicitly designed to help you get chapters 1, 2,  and 3 of your proposal approved SOON!

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Dr. Rich’s 60-Day 1-On-1 Dissertation Proposal Mentoring Program

  • For 60-days, Dr. Rich Schuttler, an award winning dissertation chair with 17 years experience, will mentor you through your proposal development process. This is not a replacement to your dissertation chair, but rather added value to your work and of course to assist you in making more progress than ever before.

“Thank you Dr. Schuttler for your expertise and guidance during my dissertation writing experience. After five quarters of hard work, your down-to-earth insight helped me narrow my focus, communicate my ideas, and align my thoughts into a document that I can submit to my committee for approval. Thank you for your effort and timely responses. It was great working with you.”
Dennis, January 2016

Dr. Rich’s Personalized VIP Proposal Development Tutoring

  • For the quickest completion of your proposal, Dr. Rich Schuttler will come to you and personally mentor you face-to-face. If you are struggling to meet a deadline or to complete your proposal, this option might be for you. Make tremendous progress quickly!

Additional Mini Dissertation and Leadership Courses:

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Dr. Rich’s next Free Weekly Webinar Series will begin again in May 2017. Check back for registration process.


Dr. Rich:
Your intricate and simple Webinars, assisted me to understand and gain more insight on what my faculty expectations were of me at various stages of my dissertation process. I’m very thankful to you for all your encouragement and assistance in providing me with the tools to complete my dissertation, received, Chair, committee, school and format editing approval first time reviewed.  Thanks, ~ DeBo’rah Williams, Ph.D.


    • “Thanks for your candor, Dr. Rich, which is what I really love about you. It’s a great point that I may not need the 60 days if my chair can get me through, but I do not think my dissertation chair is really in a position to get me through the rest of this. It’s been only with your assistance that I’ve made it thus far after years with him. The two sessions that I had with you produced exponentially greater results then the 4 + years I’ve spent with him. So I’m thinking it will just be better to work with you. You are more responsive and have a specialized understanding of what it takes to get me to “taking the B out of ABD” 😉 I think the 60 days with you will get me through faster and my dissertation approved again on the first time just like my proposal was.” ~ Tracey