Students Testimonials

LDR/726 | The Dynamics of Group and Team Leadership

Course Description

Upon completion of this course, learners will be prepared to use advanced leadership strategies for group communications, team building and coaching skills to attain organizational objectives. Learners explore large group and small team dynamics and the ways in which the role of a leader is required to affect behavior. Emphasis is placed on the growing dependency of self directed work teams in the workplace.

Course Competencies

  • Utilize knowledge of organization theory, design, develop, implement and lead change initiatives to optimize organizational performance.
  • Distinguish core organizational issues from symptoms.
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different models of organization assessments and their applicability to various situations.
  • Design interventions to address issues that hinder organizational performance.
  • Evaluate change interventions for continuous performance improvement.
  • Determine factors and contingency measures that further feasible and successful change efforts.

Student Feedback June – July 2011

  • This was the best instructor I’ve had at the University of Phoenix. He actively participated, provided individual and group feedback, was engaged and responsive. I wrote my best papers in this class and learned a tremendous amount – while enjoying the class.
  • Dr. Schuttler was the best instructor I have had in this program to date!
  • Excellent facilitator–best I have ever had in this program.
  • Timely and direct, encouraging.
  • Dr. Schuttler is without a doubt, the most proficient professor I’ve had since the onset of the program. He takes the time to respond substantively to discussions and answers questions the student may have. His feedback is consistently within two to three days on assignments. I regard this gentleman highly!
  • Dr. Rich was THE BEST facilitator so far in this entire program. His feedback was personal (not cookie cutter), it was timely and he pushed for improvement week-to-week. He was also more engaged in the class than any other professor to date. He was awesome…..


Course Description

Upon completion of this course, learners will be prepared to optimize organizational performance through the judicious implementation of performance interventions utilizing organization theory, organization design and technology

Course Competencies

        • Examine the advantages, disadvantages, dynamics, processes and stages of teams.
        • Apply the major theoretical models of leadership to team dynamics.
        • Create strategies for addressing the forces that form organizational teams.
        • Evaluate interventions to address critical challenges and changes during a team’s life cycle.
        • Develop a personal philosophy and the confidence of lead teams.
Student Feedback January – February 2012

        • Thank you Dr Rich.  You are awesome!  Your style of instruction was perfect for me.  I loved the variation in the weekly reflection.  The feedback was immediate and I am still trying to figure that one out with all your traveling.  You encouraged me to think and not just respond to receive a grade.  I read everything you wrote and I have never done that before.  Thank you for rejuvenating me.  I was tired and thinking why am I doing this?  You reminded me of why I am on this journey.  Don’t ever stop inspiring.
        • Dr. Schuttler provided quality feedback in a timely manner that directs me to produce more scholarly work. His experience and ability allowed me to understand and fulfill expectations. The best instructor thus far.
        • Dr. Rich – Thank you for a rich learning experience.  Our class enjoyed the benefit of your experience and expertise.  I looked through your website and found it fascinating- filled with pearls of wisdom.  Sharing your experiences in your travels added to the course material to bring this course to life with “real world” discussions.  Thank you for sharing the global aspects of your trip and the material used in your session.
        • University of Phoenix leaders work hard to keep practitioner faculty in their classrooms.  The breadth of experience we, as students, witness adds current business and organizational issues to our learning experience.  Adult students retain better when understanding applications (Bartle, 2008).  Engaging us in your experiences helped us understand the application of course materials and place them in a larger context.  I particularly enjoyed discussing events among each student’s work applications, pertaining to application of course material.  This experience has been a fascinating, fruitful part of my doctoral journey.
        • Thanks to Dr. Rich, this has been a productive and challenging class.  I appreciate the fact that we addressed all three elements of the SPL model.  You enforced the high academic standards required of scholarship.  At every opportunity you reinforced the real-world aspects of the OD practitioner.  Finally, we correlated both these factors to leadership in our organizations. Aaron R. Kenneston
        • Dr. Rich – Thank you very much for an outstanding course and for the knowledge I have gained from your insight.  You helped me to understand the Malcolm Baldrige assessment approach in a way that was very helpful to me.  I have to admit that I did not appreciate fully the value of the Baldrige approach until you helped me connect the dots.  Thank you for your encouragement and guidance, which will help me throughout my future studies and practice.  I am honored to have had you as an instructor.  I wish you the very best in the future. 
Pat Reall, BSET, MAS
        • Thank you Dr. Rich. I truly appreciate the wisdom you shared. The challenge outside the classroom has been extraordinary during this period. It would be a treat to devote all of my time to absorbing the information you are willing to pass on. Thank you for everything.

MGT/726 | Emerging Managerial Practices

Course Description

Upon completion of this course, learners will be prepared to implement emerging managerial practices designed to develop organizational agility and responsiveness. Additionally, they will be able to adapt practices, high performance work teams, and build advanced strategies for global communication. Emphasis is placed on how organizations are encouraged to develop and demonstrate creative, adaptive, and flexible business approaches.

Course Competencies

            • Examine the role of power and influence in building advanced management strategies for the global market.
            • Evaluate the effect of shared leadership theories in various team settings.
            • Analyze the management of innovation for productivity within organizations.
            • Evaluate the effectiveness of creative, adaptive, and flexible business approaches within the global business environment.
            • Discover best practices for cultivating diversity in an organization.
            • Explore personal and corporate social and ethical responsibilities as a global citizen.

Student Feedback June – July 2012

          • I don’t usually take the time to provide feedback, but Dr. Rich is OUTSTANDING. Thank you so much for the effort and the creative way you run the class. Your attention to the students and concern for the learning environment should support Teacher of the Year. You are by far, the best instructor I have had in this program to date. Thank you!!!
          • Dr. Schuttler was great! The questions and classroom conversations were varied, intelligent, and allowed us to think from our own perspectives and life experience which rarely–if ever–has happened.
          • Dr. Rich provided a thought provoking learning experience that allowed learners to bring out their creativity through the various assignments. The structure of the discussion questions stimulated engaging and learning discussions that applied to personal experiences and future opportunities without the strict emphasis on word count or resources.
          • Instructor was by far the BEST! He created new ways to present the material. It was relevant and made sense! He was encouraging and motivating and very knowledgeable about his craft. I loved this class because of him. He can team up with other instructors to motivate them to deliver the material in creative ways.
          • Rich is one of the few instructors and course facilitators that not only add value to learning and gaining new knowledge, but also has a unique way of delivering the message-simplicity, flexibility, integration, and value innovation. I gained and learned a lot from his method of teaching and the constructive and comprehensive feedback.
          • The professor was excellent! His method of teaching was innovative and engaging! What a refreshing course, I loved it!