Completing a dissertation is not supposed to be so difficult.

And, that is why I do what I do, help students to graduate!


Is your doctoral dissertation proposal at risk of falling into a 7 – 10-year black hole, dragging you down with it? In just one weekend, you can learn how to power-up and power-through to your proudest academic moment.

Who Else Wants To Transform Their Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Nightmare Into A Real Work In Progress?

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  • Is your dissertation proposal driving you up the wall?
  • Do you feel like it’s taking over your life while giving you nothing but negativity back?

LOS ANGELES October 21 – 22 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, REGISTER BY OCTOBER 1st and Save 15% $1000.00  850.00

Louis Armstrong might have had all the time in the world—but for the average doctoral student, time and money are scarce resources all being sucked away at an alarming rate—and meeting those demands while juggling a family and work makes it even harder.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do—and also one of the most rewarding. Let me tell you a secret: this is the worst part of writing a dissertation. Once you overcome this Mt. Everest size hurdle of getting your proposal approved, your life gets a lot easier.

As a leadership and communication expert with almost three decades helping professionals and academics to improve, I understand—and I can help you to make the breakthrough that you’ve been praying for.

My expertise in helping ABD students has helped thousands to get the results they want—and get recognized professionally:

  • Mentor to the 2006 winner of the most requested dissertation at ProQuest Dissertations
  • Named 2011 Faculty of the Year for Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring at the University of Phoenix
  • Mentor to the 2006 winner of the Quantitative Dissertation of the Year award

I know exactly what it takes to write a dissertation proposal!

Check-out my weekend workshop you need to attend:

Dr. Rich’s “Carpe Diem”

Dissertation Proposal ‘Power Up’ Weekend Workshop

This is one packed weekend that puts the power back in your hands—and all in plain English—this workshop leaves the jargon to your research and makes the information you need simple and easy to apply on the spot.

No matter how frustrated you are with the current state of your proposal, this program is all about brushing the road blocks that are keeping you from moving on forward.

I do have to emphasize that enrollment is limited so I can give attendees individual and personal attention for best results.



Payment Plan Available – Click Below to Inquire

Payment Plan Available

Thirsty work—but there will be free tea, coffee and water available. 🙂 You will also receive a BONUS complimentary copy of my $uccess Scorecard Tracking System and a free color workbook, designed to help you plan and measure your progress after the workshop has finished.



  • If you want to save time and money and get your dissertation proposal right first time, this offer is for you. The earlier you enroll, the more you save! Hey, use the payment plan!
  • If you want straight-talking & expert help that shows you how to avoid common errors that every ABD student makes, this offer is for you. I can’t help you if you are not there!
  • Most of all, if you want to fully engage with the process of researching and writing an approved dissertation proposal that you can be proud of, this workshop is definitely for you.
  • Take advantage today—or risk joining the ranks of 10-year ABD students.

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>>>>>> LOS ANGELES October 21 – 22 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, REGISTER BY OCTOBER 1st and Save 15% $1000.00  850.00 <<<<<


 2017 Workshop Schedule

Where         Los Angeles


Oct 21 & 22, 2017 



Airport Hotel to be Determined

no later than 10 days before workshop.

Will be shared upon securing







University Assigned Mentees:
If you are one of Dr. Rich Schuttler’s university assigned or contracted mentees, this offer is not available to you as it would constitute a conflict of interest.

A Clear Agenda!

I won’t lie this is an intensive 2-day workshop that’s designed to give you maximum results. It is explicitly designed to help you get chapters 1, 2 and 3 of your proposal approved, paving the way for to complete your data collection and graduate SOON!

Day Time Topic
8:00 am Welcome
Waking-Up as a Researcher
Eliminate the Problems in Your Problem Statement
9:00 am Aligning Your Purpose Statement, Nature of the Study, & Research Questions
10:00 am Choosing, Verifying, and Articulating Your Research Method & Design
11:00 am Big View: Chapter 1 Alignment & Inter-Connections
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm Understanding and Learning EXACTLY what is needed in the Significance, Scope, Assumptions, Limitation, and Delimitations of the Study headings
2:30 pm Designing and Aligning Chapter 1
4:00 pm How to Think, Act, and Write Like a Researcher
5:00 pm Dinner Break
6:00 Understand Better How to Design Your Chapter 2
Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills and Academic Rigor
8pm Conclude Day 1
8:00 am Wake-up with a Quick Saturday Review
8:30 am Working Smarter NOT harder in Your Literature Review
9:30 am Aligning Chapters 1 & 2
10:00 am Understanding, Designing, and Aligning Chapter 3
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm More on Chapter 3: Excruciating Details
Things You Wish You Learned in Your Research Courses
2:00 pm Data Collection Plans
3:00 pm Data Analysis Plans
4:00 pm Planning Out Your Next 6-Months
5:00 pm Conclude Workshop

LOS ANGELES October 21 – 22 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, REGISTER BY OCTOBER 1st and Save 15% $1000.00  850.00

Buddy-Up Referral Program:

      • For the first two peers you refer, who enroll and attend with you, you earn referral fees of $100.00 each.*
      • Refer three peers, who enroll and attend with you, and you get 100% of your enrollment fee refunded after the workshop!*
      • *Your peers, who you refer, must put you name in the enrollment form when registering.


University Assigned Mentees:
If you are one of Dr. Rich Schuttler’s university assigned or contracted mentees, this offer is not available to you as it would constitute a conflict of interest.

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