About Dr. Rich

Dr. Rich mentors executives, faculty, and students from around the world in a variety of professional leadership and management settings. Dr. Rich is a customer-driven, quality-focused innovative and engaging international public speaker, educator, business consultant, mentor and author. Contact him today to find out how he can benefit your organization!

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Taking the B Out of ABD

Dr. Rich Schuttler walks you through the exact step-by-step process he has used for over 13 years to help doctoral students successfully complete their proposals and dissertations in a timely manner. This multi-lesson educational training program is designed to assist students in completing their dissertation research study. (Click on image above to register for the free webinar series.)

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Professional Progress Academy

Established by experts in their respected fields, Professional Progress Academy (PPA) is an entrepreneurial education platform dedicated to practical application practices. The PPA online platform provides relevant educational materials to a global population. Focusing on tn the Triangle of Success, Improved Philosophies, Positive Attitudes, Purposeful Actions, lead to Focused Results.

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Dr. Rich's Mission
Dr. Rich Schuttler has influenced, trained, mentored, and taught thousands of people. His mission is to train and educate one million people by the year 2020.
Dr. Rich's Philosophy
Dr. Rich’s focus is through the philosophy of an intentional relationship so that his clients achieve their full potential through a variety of self-regulating techniques and shared understandings.
The Rich Promise
Dr. Rich promises to not only identify problems but to also identify a future end state leading to higher levels of measurable success.
Rich Content
Dr. Rich Schuttler has authored two books and has co-authored three others. Now you can enjoy Dr. Rich’s teachings at your fingertips. Get his books today!


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